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Primator – India Pale Ale Top Line – 6.5%

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Primator – India Pale Ale Top Line – 6.5%

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From the Primator Brewery in the Czech Republic comes Primator India Pale Ale Top Line at 6.5%. Decapping gives a dull malty aroma, however the pour was amazing. The head continued to grow out of the glass, eventually leaving a thick creamy head. Initially carbonation looked excessive, however the bubbles are deceptive, the carbonation is just perfect for the style. The aroma in the glass is deep, fruity and malty with little aroma hop influence. The taste is something else!  A high crystal malt influence adds a delicate sweetness before the intense bitterness builds on the palate. This is one of the best traditional style British IPA’s I’ve tasted in a very long time. The body is just right at 6.5%, and I’m impressed by Primator by making a beer that almost all British breweries couldn’t (or wouldn’t market) because it’s so different to what’s out there. Bloody amazing beer. No dry hopping in sight. Wonderful!

Primator - India Pale Ale

Primator – India Pale Ale Top Line

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