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Redchurch Brewery – Hoxton Stout – 6.0%

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Redchurch Brewery – Hoxton Stout – 6.0%

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From the Redchurch Brewery comes Hoxton Stout at 6.0%. Forgive me for jumping straight in, but the beer was terribly over carbonated. The pour was a complete bastard. Bags of head and crap sporadic wild retention. The aroma and presence of molasses is over dominant and bitter burnt malts linger like a bad smell. No elements of smoothness exist in this ale. Some odd sweetness comes through the high bitterness. As the brew mellows, off flavours appear and disappear. A really un-enjoyable stout beer. blergh. Hopefully I got a bad batch.

redchurch brewery hoxton stout

Hoxton Stout
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