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Redwillow – Smokeless Smoked Chipotle Porter – 5.7%

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Redwillow – Smokeless Smoked Chipotle Porter – 5.7%

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From The Redwillow Brewery in Macclesfield, comes Smokeless Smoked Chipotle Porter at 5.7%. De-canning gives a pleasant sweet chocolate aroma with just a touch of smoke. The pour generated a massive head, dropping down to a thin skin of off white. The appearance is darkest black and very stout like supporting a carbonation which is pretty high for the style. The mouthfeel is thick with a good body, the aftertaste being sweet, with a hint of chocolate toffee. Refreshing, yet with a warming aftertaste from the chipotle chilli presence. Smokiness however, is now nowhere to be seen. Overall, pleasant and warming rather than refreshing. The chipotle flavour adds a bit more decadence and contributes to a mouthfeel which is thick and meal like. A good beer from a taste perspective, but a little difficult to enjoy as a session beer. A good experimental taste experience, however I’m not entirely sure the contrasting tastes are complimentary. More smoke next time please!

Redwillow Smokeless Smoked Chipotle Porter

Redwillow - Smokeless Smoked Chipotle Porter
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