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Ringwood – Circadian Every Day IPA – 4.5%

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Ringwood – Circadian Every Day IPA – 4.5%

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From the Ringwood Brewery in Ringwood, Hampshire, England comes Circadian Every Day IPA at 4.5%.  A Clear, light coloured blonde looking ale, with a fresh aroma of melon, lemon and citrus with a nice earthy hop aroma. Carbonation is low with little head retention. Moderately bitter, mouthfeel is good (but could do with a wee bit more body for the style) hints of creaminess also appear. The hop aroma is dominantly the best thing about the beer. Not malty or grainy in the texture or aftertaste. The gorgeous hop aroma is constant and the real clear winner about the beer.  Thankfully, the base malt is simple, allowing the beer to focus on that pronounced hop aroma. Definitely the best Ringwood beer I’ve had. Well done Ringwood Brewery!

Ringwood - Circadian Everyday IPA

Ringwood – Circadian Every Day IPA

Circadian Every Day IPA
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