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Sadler’s – Hop Bomb IPA – 5.0%

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Sadler’s – Hop Bomb IPA – 5.0%

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From Sadler’s Brewery comes Hop Bomb IPA (American Pale Ale) at 5.0%.  I have a love hate relationship with Sadlers. The labels always make the beer sound amazing, then the beer turns out generic. The eternal optimist in me makes me always buys a new release to see ‘if they got it right this time’. With the name ‘Hop Bomb’, it suggests that the beer has a higher than average IBU and may contain a few more hops than you find in your average beer. Described as hopped with Amarillo, Cascade, Citra, Chinook & Nelson Sauvin: What could go wrong? Decapping gives a faint whiff of citrus and the beer tastes quite bland with a hint of tropical fruit. The beer has surprisingly good bittering, but is really lacking body and mouthfeel….. again. Just when I think I might like this, the body just turns into a watery mess as you keep drinking. The carbonation is intense, the head keeps growing and growing until it’s a pain to keep on top of it. The ABV can’t hold the hops and the underlying beer is just poor. Broken promises all over again. The final nail in the coffin, is that I can’t even home brew recycle the bottle due to the hard label and industrial strength superglue. Hop bomb indeed.

Hop Bomb PA

Sadler’s – Hop Bomb PA

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