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Saltaire – White Christmas Ale – 5.8%

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Saltaire – White Christmas Ale – 5.8%

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From The Saltaire Brewery comes their White Christmas Ale at 5.8%. Described as a light coloured ale with a touch of orange and spice. De-capping the beer gives virtually no aroma other than a slight mulled wine ‘musk’. The carbonation is relatively low compared to what I was expecting. The beer is a deep amber/orange colour with no head or retention. Body is quite good, slightly oily. The taste is bland, not much malt coming through, citrus flavours do emerge after a while but are hardly anything interesting. The spice doesn’t come through at all, followed by a slightly sweet and bitter cloying aftertaste. Nasty.

Saltaire Brewery White Christmas Ale


Saltaire - White Christmas Ale
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