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Samuel Smiths – India Ale – 5.0%

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Samuel Smiths – India Ale – 5.0%

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From the epic Samuel smith’s brewery comes India Ale at 5.0%. This brewer does some of the best branding and beers known to man, this however, is not one of the best ones. De-capping gives a fruity, almost sour grapes aroma which I thought was quite interesting initially. The pour is good, albeit a little flat looking. Head retention is also good with a nice thin skim head. A deep copper colour sets this up to be something good. As the beer warms, the aroma develops into a sweet malty thing, with no obvious clear hop presence, however a true British IPA style! Mouthfeel is average to good, with a nice dominant hop bittering presence throughout. A little bit of spice and orange appears with sweetness momentarily before winking out. I do like this beer, it is steeped in tradition and as authentic to the original style as they come. For me, on the palate and taste wise, this is almost completely identical to Shepherd Neame’s 6.0% IPA. This IPA:  it’s not the best, but it’s good.

Samuel Smiths Tadcaster India Ale

Samuel Smiths - India Ale
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