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Sierra Nevada – Hop Hunter IPA – 6.2%

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Sierra Nevada – Hop Hunter IPA – 6.2%

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From Sierra Nevada comes Hop Hunter IPA at 6.2%. De-capping gives a pleasant whiff of citrus and grapefruit. From the label description I must say, that I’m slightly disappointed. Distilled hop oil? sounds great doesn’t it? anyway, The pour is utterly superb. a golden appearance with a thick thick white head that fails to dissipate. The taste is initially sweet, followed up with a big pithy bitter aftertaste, most of the citrus flavours are subdued under the bitterness. The mouth feel is decent and full bodied. A semi decent IPA that focuses a little too much on the bitter side of things. Nothing flabbergasting, the distilled hop oil feature is quite an anticlimax however.

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

Sierra Nevada - Hop Hunter IPA
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