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Sixpoint – Resin DIPA – 9.1%

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Sixpoint – Resin DIPA – 9.1%

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From the Sixpoint Brewery in the U.S comes Resin at 9.1%. Popping the cap on the can gives a dancing aroma of intense citrus and sweets. So sweet! you can almost see the resinous hop particles trailing from the can. Amazing. On the pour the hop aroma literally gushes and rolls out to assault the senses with intense citrus and boiled orange sweet aromatics. The appearance is malty amber with an average carbonation profile, head generates from decent to nothing. The body is thick caramel and quite engulfing, the taste is really quite sweet like golden syrup and then slowly drops away to a strong building bitterness. An end of the night, end of the world beer. This ale completely obliterates your taste palate for hours. Absolutely and wonderfully amazing.


Sixpoint Resin
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  • Sweetness
  • Bitterness
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