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St Bernardus – Pater 6 Abbey Ale

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St Bernardus – Pater 6 Abbey Ale

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From St Bernardus comes Pater 6, a dark Abbey Ale at 6.7%. De-capping gives an aroma of sweet malt chocolate and figs, mixed with hints of noble hops. The pour is utter perfection. Dark, aromatic with a head generation that is sheer brilliance and almost unrivalled. Retention is also utterly amazing, leaving a thick white head that lingers throughout the beer experience. Carbonation is spot on, thick and compact with an awesome mouthfeel. Slightly burnt caramel influence in the aftertaste, yet thick and luxurious. Bitter sweet, malty and superb. Amazing and almost faultless. There is so much more I could say about this beer, you must try this yourself.

St Bernardus Abbey Ale Pater 6

St Bernardus - Pater 6
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