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Van Eecke – Het Kapittel Watou Abt – 10.0%

Het Kapittel Watou Abt from Van Eecke at 10.0%. De-capping gives a sweet aroma with a good noble hoppy aftertaste. A good head generation leaves a semi white head retention. The taste leaves a thick and creamy mouthfeel with hints of belgian spice and subtle hoppiness aroma. Remarkably Wonderful. Not strong tasting at all for the ABV, with no fusels present, no warming heat. Tremendous!

Het Kapittel Watou Abt

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Westvleteren – Blond – 5.8%

From the Trappist brewery of Westvleteren Abdij St. Sixtus comes Westvleteren Blond at 5.8% What an interesting ale. Decapping gives a superb fragrant belgian hoppy aroma with fruity yeasty undertones, almost a bit fusty and dank. The pour gives a fluffy white heady froth with brown hints and great retention which is very thick and inviting. The appearance is straw blonde with better than average carbonation with a particle sediment snow globe effect. The beer is full bodied with a sweet tone about it and a good belgian hop presence which is not overwhelming. The most interesting aspect to this beer is the yeasty aftertaste. A subtle bitterness compliments a pith and dank citrus presence with elements of spice and pepper. This later lends to the aroma of the beer as it warms. Overall quite spectacular!

westvleteren blond


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Beavertown – Lupuloid IPA – 6.7%

From the Beavertown Brewery comes a new core IPA called Lupuloid IPA at 6.7%. De-canning gives a blast of an aromatic citrusy floral aroma. The pour generates a good head with nice retention and white froth. The appearance is a straw like pale. The taste has an almost sweet citrus presence with little in the way of malt coming through. A very clean and refined brew with an average bitter aftertaste for an IPA. The mouthfeel is full and gratifying with an above average carbonation. An excellent go-to british IPA with an American influence. Another excellent Beavertown brew!

Beavertown Lupuloid IPA

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Sixpoint – Resin DIPA – 9.1%

From the Sixpoint Brewery in the U.S comes Resin at 9.1%. Popping the cap on the can gives a dancing aroma of intense citrus and sweets. So sweet! you can almost see the resinous hop particles trailing from the can. Amazing. On the pour the hop aroma literally gushes and rolls out to assault the senses with intense citrus and boiled orange sweet aromatics. The appearance is malty amber with an average carbonation profile, head generates from decent to nothing. The body is thick caramel and quite engulfing, the taste is really quite sweet like golden syrup and then slowly drops away to a strong building bitterness. An end of the night, end of the world beer. This ale completely obliterates your taste palate for hours. Absolutely and wonderfully amazing.


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Howling Hops – Running Beer Brown Ale – 4.7%

From the Howling Hops Brewery comes Running Beer Brown Ale at 4.0%. De-capping the bottle gives an aroma not too dissimilar to a black IPA, but with more toffee notes. Good presence of citrus orange aroma and malty goodness. The head foams and quickly disperses before the eyes. Carbonation is slightly above average and the body of the beer is nothing spectacular for a brown ale. The beer finish ends up being slightly tart and lacks the sweetness to carry it through. Nice idea, but it doesn’t quite work for me.

howling hops running beer brown ale