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Mikkeller – 19 American Style IPA – 6.9%

Brewed by De Proefbrouwerij in conjunction with Mikkeller, ’19’ is an American Style IPA. This is a beer brewed by Belgian hands. What cannot be better? De-capping gives a floral punch of citrus aroma hops. The pour is superb, generating a thick lively white head, clearly a Belgian style ale with a superb head generation and retention. The body of the beer is smooth and full, with a compact carbonation. Overall, the bitterness is pleasant, and moderately high and as expected, the hop sweetness pokes through and reinforces it all right at the end. The sweet malt backbone develops hand in hand with the hop intensity to make a superb European translation of an American IPA style.

Mikkeller 19 American Style IPA

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Brasserie De La Senne – Zinnebir – 5.8%

From the Brasserie De La Senne in Belgium comes Zinnebir at 5.8%. Decapping gives a pleasantly overly hoppy aroma of Belgian noble hops. Good! The pour is deep golden, generating a great thick fluffy head from the higher than average carbonation level.  The taste is certainly down the pilsner route but adding higher than average bitterness in the aftertaste. A bit of a Belgian /german beer hybrid, yet not overly sweet either. The fresh grassy hop aroma ties in wonderfully with a light malty core. Highly refreshing beer that is very sessionable with an all round appeal. Really quite well done. One of my favourite label designs to date.

Brasserie De La Senne Zinne Bir

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Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan – Brugse Zot – 6.0%

From Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan comes Brugse Zot at 6.0%. A pleasantly sweet hoppy aroma appears on de-cap, the pour gives a light amber appearance. The mouthfeel is initially thin and watery but slowly grows on you as you get used to the carbonation. Head generation is initially good and then fades to a thin skin. The bubble formation is slightly larger than normal with what I would expect from a Belgian variety. taste is 50/50 bittersweet, yet doesn’t linger. Not too bad.

Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan Brugse Zot


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Brasserie de Silly – Scotch Silly – 8.0%

From Brasserie de Silly comes Scotch Silly at 8.0%. A Belgian interpretation of a Scotch Wee heavy. De-capping gives a sickly sweet aroma of brown sugar, intermingled with noble hops. The carbonation is high and little is offered in head generation or retention. thick and full bodied. Slight tongue prickler. perhaps a bit too sweet for my palate and lacking complexity. Overwhelmingly sweet, rich and not a beer that I’ll be trying again. Reminds me a bit of the horror that was Samichlaus.

Brasserie De Silly Scotch Silly

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Dolle Brouwers – Arabier – 8.0%

From The Dolle Brouwers in Belgium comes Arabier at 8.0%. De-capping gives a pleasant aroma of grassy hops and grape. Hoppy & herbal notes also strikethrough. The pour is deep golden and the head is something to behold! white, thick and frothy. WOW. As you would expect, carbonation is fairly high, which lends to the great fruity citrus mouthfeel and body of this superb beer. The finish is crisp and dry, sweetened by the flavour of caramel.

Dolle Brouwers Arabier

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Brasserie Lefèbvre – Hopus – 8.3%

From the Brasserie Lefèbvre in Belgium comes Hopus at 8.3%. De-capping gives a hoppy grassy herbal aroma with hints of creaminess and sweetness. The pour is alive with a good sparkle and great head generation, leaving a frothy white head. The body is thick and sparkling with a pleasant tongue prickle and herby hoppy bitterness. A slightly amber cloudy appearance finished off with a nice, bitter sweet aftertaste.

Brasserie Lefèbvre Hopus