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Cloudwater – Imperial IPA – Centennial – 9.0%

From The Cloudwater Brew Co comes Imperial IPA Centennial at 9.0%. De-canning gives a complex fruity depth of peachy stone fruit hop aroma. Head generation is average and retention is perfection, leaving a thick white thumb of head throughout the life of the beer. This is a cloudy hazy brew by design, light orange in appearance, with an average carbonation. The aroma develops as the beer warms in the glass adding more sweetness and chalkiness. The taste is a wonderful blend of bittersweet, with little to no emphasis on bitter. The beer is super fruity, both in aftertaste and aroma lending greatness to a full bodied complex ale. Perhaps one of the best Cloudwater ales I’ve tried. The 9.0% ABV is a complete marvel of mystery, not even detectable. Overall, super fresh, slightly chalky, and absolutely superb. An amazing beer that showcases Centennial hops as a masterpiece. Absolutely Loving it.

Cloudwater IIPA Centennial

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Cloudwater – IPA Ekuanot – 6.5%

From The Cloudwater Brewery in Manchester comes a Ekuanot hopped IPA at 6.5%. The initial Pour is hazed orange, cloudy to the extreme. Strong pungent aromas emerge profiling orange, melon and that of peach stone fruit​. An average carbonation is present for the IPA style with a thin foamy white head that remains.  A smooth body features that hides the ABV quite well. Interestingly, a distinctive double bitterness features in this beer: fruity hoppy bitterness contrasts nicely with a chalky yeast bitterness from the WLP001 yeast strain. This IPA is certainly reminiscent of a New England IPA style. The beer texture is not too dissimilar to super hopped bucks fizz without the massive carbonation. The relatively strong ABV starts to emerge in the aftertaste with a little heat coming through. Overall, huge citrus flavours of tangerine, orange and a hint of dank spice come through from the presence of the Simcoe hops. A marvelous beer that sings a song of ‘Yin Yang’ bitter sweet. An interesting hop variety that I’ve never heard of or tried before. Superb stuff!

Cloudwater IPA Ekuanot

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Cloudwater & Northern Monk – Hop City IPA – 6.2%

Hop City IPA at 6.2% is an exciting collaboration between Cloudwater Brew Co, Northern Monk Brew Co & YCH Hops. This IPA was pretty hard to get hold of, and now I know why! The label is quite iconic and oozes Northern Monk canning techniques….(removable label). Now for the beer. De-canning gives an aroma of ultra fresh citrus hop with a hint of sour yeasty influence. The pour is ultra haze, deep and golden with a lovely carbonation profile that supports a great thick white head generation, surprisingly good for a canned ale. The taste is fruity, with a hint of sweetness and low bitterness in the aftertaste. Somehow this beer remains amazingly refreshing and light despite the relatively high ABV . Mouthfeel is both full bodied and oddly light and fresh at the same time. The light malt presence lets the hop shine in this wonderful hoppy marvel of an IPA. More like an over hopped APA, but completely gorgeous all the same. WOW.

Cloudwater Northern Monk Hop City IPA

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Cloudwater – Make Apple Pie Great Again – 6.3%

A collaboration beer from Cloudwater and Against The Grain. Make Apple Pie Great Again is a 6.3% beer. Decanning gives a instant aroma hit of Cinnamon and nutmeg. The pour is fairly lively with a decent carbonation and settles quite murky at the same time. The head generation is full with a off white dirty appearance. The secondary aroma of apples pokes its head through the cinnamon as the beer settles. The body is a bit watery for the ABV and the carbonation is big bubbled like a really poor cidery homebrew. A distinctive sweetness pushes its way onto your palette to accentuate the disappointing mouthfeel. The beer is perhaps a bit too complicated, and there is clearly too much going on for me to appreciate. What a strange mish mash of ideas.  I’m all for experimental brews in the context of beer, but there’s too many spice additions, and the presence of apple here to make this strange beer remotely palatable.

Cloudwater Make Apple Pie Great Again

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Magic Rock Brewing / Cloudwater – Big Dipper DIPA – 8.3%

From Magic Rock BrewingCloudwater comes Big Dipper Double IPA at 8.3%.  A special Cloudwater & Magic Rock Brewing collaboration. De-canning pops a grenade punch of sweet resinous citrus and marmalade aromatics from the hop & malt presence. The pour is New England IPA haze with concentrated visible hop particulate like a beery snow globe. The appearance is wonderful golden orange. The taste is overwhelmingly resinous and hoppy with subtle aroma and orange pith bitterness punching through, supporting the underwhelming malt backbone. Head generation is low and only a very thin skim appears on top. No yeast presence is evident (or makes it through the hop wading). This is ultra hoptastic intense ale. An IPA to end all IPA. On a par with Magic Rock’s Human Cannonball from 2016. intense and juicy hopstrocity and the alcohol is completely hidden. Very well done!

Magic Rock Cloudwater Big Dipper Double IPA

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Cloudwater – DIPA V7 SPECIAL EDITION – 9.0%

From the Cloudwater Brewery comes Cloudwater DIPA V7 Special Edition at 9.0%. Decapping gives a floral fragrance with a touch of smoke and a not too overpowering hop citrus aroma. Carbonation is about perfect. Head generation and retention is spot on! The pour is a slight hint of cloudiness and hazy blonde. The taste is tropical and sherbet, a real dance on the tastebuds. Moderate to high bitterness complements a fairly sweet malty presence and emphasises how spectacularly amazing this DIPA is. Clean, yet fruity and fragrant with sweet influences and bags of character and body. The alcohol permeates through slightly on the aftertaste, but this is absolutely wonderful stuff. A world apart from the DIPA 6, but still jaw dropping. Sourced from the Maisondubiere beer shop in Barnsley.

Cloudwater DIPA V7

Cloudwater DIPA V7