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Northern Monk – A Newer World IIPA – 8.2%

From The Northern Monk Brew Co in Leeds, comes a Double India Pale Ale called A Newer World DDH. Decanning gives a big fruity aroma of resinous citrus, melon, peach and tropical fruit. The pour is mildly carbonated, generating a average white head. The beer is semi cloudy, suggesting an wheaty element or a non flocculent yeast presence. The wheat presence also adds a spot of underlying sweetness. The mouthfeel is not as expected or amazing for the ABV, being borderline watery which is slightly odd. The bitterness is relatively mild, however a pleasant chalkiness supports the base malt and understated allowing the hop presence to come through nicely. A nice double IPA from an excellent brewer.

Northern Monk - A Newer World DDH Imperial India Pale Ale

Northern Monk – A Newer World DDH Imperial India Pale Ale

Northern Monk - A Newer World DDH Imperial India Pale Ale Back

Northern Monk – A Newer World DDH Imperial India Pale Ale (Back)


Brewer: Northern Monk Brew Co 
Address: Northern Monk Brewing Co Ltd
The Old Flax Store
Marshalls Mill
LS11 9YJ
(0113 243 6430)


Beer Name/Description:

 A Newer World – DDH Imperial India Pale Ale

“The first beer we ever brewed was New World IPA. In celebration of our 500th batch, we’ve brewed a doubled up version using some of our favourite hops. Dry hopped with a combination of Mosaic, Amarillo, Simcoe and Chinook and fermented with a blend of three yeast strains. ”

IBU: 45
Beer Style: Imperial India Pale Ale.
Alcohol By Volume: 8.2%
Units of Alcohol: 3.61 UK Units.
Volume: 440ml
Ingredients: Water, Barley, Hops & Yeast.
Hops: Mosaic, Amarillo, Simcoe & Chinook.
Yeast: ? (three yeast strains)


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Cloudwater Brew Co – NW DIPA Citra – 9.0%

From the Cloudwater Brew Co in Manchester comes NW DIPA Citra at 9.0%. Wow. Just wow. A special seasonal release, often eagerly anticipated in the U.K and often very difficult to reliably acquire. De-canning gives a supernatural and super intense floral citrus creamy aroma. How on earth do you get a creamy aroma? are we talking oats? or is it the hops? anyway, this beer Features the likes of Simcoe, Huell Melon and Mosaic Hops. From just reading the label, you know this is going to be a powerhouse of a Double India Pale Ale, the pour is ultra hazed and hazed golden in appearance with a high particle presence of hops, yeasty particles and fairy dust.

The aroma and taste work in absolute synchronous harmony, generating a tropical orange, pineapple juice bomb like flavour with the presence of papaya, mango, orange citrus and stardust (if i can only imagine what stardust tastes like). The aftertaste is surprisingly bitter, yet moreish, ultra bitter in fact with a chalky aftermath palate wrecker presence. Blimey! Notably, the alcohol presence is completely and utterly subdued under the massive hop and juicy malt presence. This is the ultimate taste extreme beer if ever I’ve had one. The carbonation is medium and complements the rainbow of flavours that make up this spectacular beer. Lastly to mention, after an initial thick head generation, this drops to a thin skin. This is by far a Borderline beer and hop extract and frankly I find that the beer is slightly unbelievable. Fruit packed and bitter pith to a level I find hard to describe. Perhaps the most memorable DIPA to date. As a homebrewer, I can only imagine the horror at the amount of aroma type hops that were needed to generate this kind of flavour, texture and appearance. If you can find one, drink it. Don’t share it. Don’t save it.

Cloudwater NW DIPA Citra

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Magic Rock Brewing – Half Cut Double IPA – 8.0%

A DIPA collaboration between Magic Rock Brewing in Huddersfield and Other Half Brewing, based in Brooklyn. Half Cut Double IPA is 8.0% ABV. Featuring Citra, mosaic, Simcoe and Amarillo Hops.  With a malt bill of Golden promise, golden naked oats and malted oats. Decanning is an extra special event with this one, flooding the room with rich aromatics of melon, orange and stone fruit. The appearance is golden, cloudy and a little hazed. The taste is sweet and fruity with a spiced kick a chalky yeasty bitter presence in the aftertaste. The body is thick, full and a small white head is generated. A sweet light malty presence backs up the superb aroma and fruity taste. What more can I say, an excellent beer!

Magic Rock Brewing Half Cut DIPA

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St Austell Brewery – Big Job DIPA – 7.2%

From the St Austell Brewery in Cornwall comes – Big Job Double IPA at 7.2%. Nugget, Centennial, Citra and Cascade all feature in this very occasional release. I’ve been after trying this one for a few years, however it seems to be a ‘very’ limited supermarket type release that I have always JUST missed out on. De-capping gives a surprising citrus floral aroma. This brew was odd in that it was massively carbonated, even after chilling in the fridge. The beer is light amber in appearance, incredibly clear and clean looking. The taste is fairly crisp and dry with a sharp bitterness poking through on the aftertaste. The hop aromatics translate well into hints of melon and peach. The body of the beer is lacking in personality and slightly watery tasting for the ABV, also noting that the aftertaste is slightly fusel alcohol. Maybe the yeast wasn’t up to the big job? Certainly not a DIPA in my opinion. Moreso a good IPA from a real ale brewer. Not too bad, but not what I was looking for.

St Austell Big Job DIPA

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Magic Rock Brewing – Human Cannonball 2017 – 9.2%

From Magic Rock Brewing comes Human Cannonball 2017 edition at 9.2%. De-canning gives a dangerously dank, resinous & citrus sherbet hop aroma. The pour is massively cloudy with a big fizzy ‘bubbly’ carbonation and head generation. The initial taste is similar to pure orange juice with a massive pith aroma hit, followed by an aftertaste of sucking on raw hop pellets. Overwhelming in every sense of the word, this is completely over the top!. The ABV creeps through to say hello throughout the brew, despite the massive hop aroma and taste, bitterness is fairly underwhelming (in comparison to the aroma). The hop presence in this brew is simply astounding. It permeates every aspect adding overwhelming citrus and mango, peach and melon in one fuckton of flavour. Never had I had such a massive OD of hops since last year’s brew. not cloudy this year, but by golly, this keeps getting better and better, but approaching that pleasure/pain barrier……

Magic Rock Brewing Human Cannonball 2017

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Magic Rock Brewing / Cloudwater – Big Dipper DIPA – 8.3%

From Magic Rock BrewingCloudwater comes Big Dipper Double IPA at 8.3%.  A special Cloudwater & Magic Rock Brewing collaboration. De-canning pops a grenade punch of sweet resinous citrus and marmalade aromatics from the hop & malt presence. The pour is New England IPA haze with concentrated visible hop particulate like a beery snow globe. The appearance is wonderful golden orange. The taste is overwhelmingly resinous and hoppy with subtle aroma and orange pith bitterness punching through, supporting the underwhelming malt backbone. Head generation is low and only a very thin skim appears on top. No yeast presence is evident (or makes it through the hop wading). This is ultra hoptastic intense ale. An IPA to end all IPA. On a par with Magic Rock’s Human Cannonball from 2016. intense and juicy hopstrocity and the alcohol is completely hidden. Very well done!

Magic Rock Cloudwater Big Dipper Double IPA