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To Øl – Sur Cedar IPA – 6.0%

From To Øl comes Sur Cedar IPA at 6.0%. A sour mashed India Pale Ale with Citra hops. Matured with cedar chips. An excellent citra citrus aroma on de-canning. The pour is well carbonated, leaving a golden cloudy ale with a thick, foamy white cream head. I knew what to expect when I bought this ale, however, in reality the drinking experience is slightly strange and unexpected! The aroma sets you up for a big C-hop hit, expectations of the sweet malt appearing through to finish it off, however after a great mouthfeel, the sourness punches through your senses and assaults your tongue, followed by a sharp bitter aftertaste that slowly pulses on each side of your tongue. A hint of saltiness also plays through. A second whiff of the beer gives a wine like acidic aroma hint of ‘sour beer’ with the big C-hop aroma almost completely masqued. The following sips allow an element of malt sweetness to peer through, kept in check by an equal sour bitterness that balances the beer throughout. A thorough taste experience, pretty much unlike anything i’ve tasted before, however the cedar wood chip influence is completely lost on me. Very enjoyable and very well done To Øl!

To Øl Sur Cedar IPA


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De Molen – Amarillo Imp IPA-Ish – 9.3%

From the spectacular De Molen Brewery in the Netherlands comes Amarillo Imp IPA-Ish at 9.3%. Decapping gives a big dirty resinous aroma of fruity dank hopness. Bittering hops are described as Sladek/Saaz with a massive dry hop of Amarillo. The pour is mightily impressive. Massive head retention, with a lingering 1/4″ thick white head. The beer has a deep golden appearance with a moderate sweetness and high particle presence, giving a nice cloudy appearance. Carbonation is moderate supporting a body that is thick and full, with a deep resinous hop aftertaste not too dissimilar to Sixpoint Resin. A moderate to high bitterness lingers throughout to give a wonderful hop kick bitterness /aroma combo. This takes some beating. Excellent IPA!

De Molen Amarillo Imp IPA-Ish

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Heist Brewing – First Heist IPA – 4.8%

From the guys at Heist Craft Brewing comes First Heist, which is a session IPA at 4.8% from an ambitious craft beer and bottle shop who singlehandedly reinvigorated the beer scene in the village of Clowne in Chesterfield. This is their first beer, which is a limited edition, Session IPA featuring Simcoe, Centennial & Motueka hops. This first brew was commissioned by the RAW Brewing Company in Derbyshire.

First of all, a clean hop aroma dominates on decanning, not overly complex, however some citrus fruit presence in the nose. A mild to moderate bittering presence is perceivable, (yet short lived) in the taste with a minor sweet malt presence. Carbonation is average to high for the style, but pleasantly lends to a good body presence to this type of beer. The appearance is healthy, presenting a orange/golden glow with a hint of haze. The head generation is also surprisingly good with a good thick lingering finger width remaining throughout the life of the beer. Interestingly, as the beer warms, an orange zest aftertaste also pokes through with the bitterness to give a pleasant beer experience.

Now as far as descriptions go, a session IPA may be the only thing wrong about the beer. An American Pale Ale would suit this beer much better. The ‘session’ aspect is a bug bearer due to the volume and price, but drop the price a little and they may be onto something really good. For a first commercial attempt, this is looking quite good. Nothing is bold or overstated, perhaps a little safe, but it gets my vote.


Heist - First Heist IPA

Heist Brewing’s – ‘First’ Heist IPA

Heist - First Heist IPA Back

Heist Brewing’s – ‘First’ Heist IPA Back


Brewer:  Heist Craft by RAW Brewing Company
Address: Heist Craft, Mill Street, Clowne, S43 4JN
Beer Name/Description: First Heist – 4.8% Session IPA
“Don’t let some pompous dick try and tell you what this tastes like. Buy it, try it and review it. Tell us what it tastes like”
IBU: ?
Beer Style: Session India Pale Ale.
Alcohol By Volume: 4.8%
Units of Alcohol: 1.58 UK Units.
Volume: 330ml
Ingredients: Water, Barley, Hops & Yeast.
Hops: Simcoe, Centennial & Motueka.
Yeast: ?


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Northern Monk – A Newer World IIPA – 8.2%

From The Northern Monk Brew Co in Leeds, comes a Double India Pale Ale called A Newer World DDH. Decanning gives a big fruity aroma of resinous citrus, melon, peach and tropical fruit. The pour is mildly carbonated, generating a average white head. The beer is semi cloudy, suggesting an wheaty element or a non flocculent yeast presence. The wheat presence also adds a spot of underlying sweetness. The mouthfeel is not as expected or amazing for the ABV, being borderline watery which is slightly odd. The bitterness is relatively mild, however a pleasant chalkiness supports the base malt and understated allowing the hop presence to come through nicely. A nice double IPA from an excellent brewer.

Northern Monk - A Newer World DDH Imperial India Pale Ale

Northern Monk – A Newer World DDH Imperial India Pale Ale

Northern Monk - A Newer World DDH Imperial India Pale Ale Back

Northern Monk – A Newer World DDH Imperial India Pale Ale (Back)


Brewer: Northern Monk Brew Co 
Address: Northern Monk Brewing Co Ltd
The Old Flax Store
Marshalls Mill
LS11 9YJ
(0113 243 6430)


Beer Name/Description:

 A Newer World – DDH Imperial India Pale Ale

“The first beer we ever brewed was New World IPA. In celebration of our 500th batch, we’ve brewed a doubled up version using some of our favourite hops. Dry hopped with a combination of Mosaic, Amarillo, Simcoe and Chinook and fermented with a blend of three yeast strains. ”

IBU: 45
Beer Style: Imperial India Pale Ale.
Alcohol By Volume: 8.2%
Units of Alcohol: 3.61 UK Units.
Volume: 440ml
Ingredients: Water, Barley, Hops & Yeast.
Hops: Mosaic, Amarillo, Simcoe & Chinook.
Yeast: ? (three yeast strains)


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Mikkeller – I Wish – Gluten Free IPA – 5.5%

From Mikkeller comes I Wish, a Gluten Free IPA at 5.5%. De-capping gives a short sharp aroma of citrus hops, followed by gushing and more gushing…..(from cold) resulting in an unimpressive beer mess. The Aroma drops off to give an average malt forward ‘supermarket’ style British IPA with cloying sweetness and fruitiness. The beer has decent body, above average bitterness, sweet maltinesses. No head retention and after the gushing, the beer turns out a little bit flat. Decent-ish IPA, but from Mikkeller? I feel a little bit robbed and I would have expected a bit more. Maybe a bad batch? I wish!

Mikkeller I Wish Gluten Free IPA

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Tiny Rebel – Clwb Tropicana IPA – 5.5%

From Tiny Rebel Brewing comes their Clwb Tropicana IPA at 5.5%. Super fresh on de-canning and the pour. Aromatics seems to be that juicy Mosaic hop presence again! featuring mango, papaya and pineapple! Did I also mention that this is super fruity? Surprisingly, there is decent head generation and head retention on this canned beer, the appearance is deep orange with a cloudy and slightly hazy touch. The aftertaste is pleasantly perfumed, yet fresh and citrusy. A low bitterness complements a moderately high carbonation. Superb!

Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana IPA