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Magic Rock Brewing – Telepathy IPA – 7.2%

From Magic Rock Brewing comes Telepathy IPA at 7.2%. De-canning gives super fresh hop aroma of dank citrus, grass, mango and papaya. A tropical hop bomb aroma of epic proportions. The pour is super hazy, New England IPA style, haziness is intermingled with a luminance of glowing orange effect. Reading the can this one has a massive oaty presence. You can tell partially by the thick mouthfeel and body of the beer. Head existence is minimal and drops to nothing, probably due to the oil from the oatiness. The beer is fairly sweet with a chalkiness in the aftertaste, finished off with a deep rich bitterness that lingers and conflicts slightly with the sweetness and massive aroma hoppiness. The aftertaste literally costs the inside of your mouth with an oddly pleasant chalkiness. Cascade, Mosaic, Simcoe and Denali all feature wonderfully in a dance of hoppiness.

Magic Rock Brewing Telepathy IPA

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Magic Rock Brewing – Un-Human Cannonball TIPA 2017 – 11.0%

From Magic Rock Brewing comes Un-Human Cannonball 2017 Edition. This is a TRIPLE IPA. Every year, the Magic Rock Brewing team provide a stupendously big hop hitter that is subtle and completely different from previous years. Decanning is super resinous, marvelously creamy and full of mango, sweet citrus and boiled sweets. The pour is thick, resinous, ultra hazed and the taste is super sweet ultra hopped oily and full bodied. Think aromas of boiled sweets on crack. The beer features a thin head generation, with slow dissipation into a super thin head. There is the distinct chalky aftertaste and hardly any bitterness profile, other than the yeasty bitterness. The ABV is completely hidden. What? 11% without any heat? This is superb. I think I prefer the 2017 Human Cannonball over this one.

Magic Rock Brewing Un Human Cannonball 2017

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Magic Rock Brewing – Cryo Baby IPA – 4.8%

From Magic Rock Brewing & CR/AK comes Cryo Baby IPA at a sessionable 4.8%. Firstly, why Magic Rock Brewing needed to collaborate this brew is anyone’s guess. This beer is all about the mosaic hops! which makes it a magnificent piece of beery art. A session IPA which is full throttle hops. From De-canning, the aroma is spicy, fruity and peppery, a full on juice bomb! The taste is Slightly sweet, carbonation is average with a golden hazed appearance. Head generation is thin and uninspiring. The wonderful aftertaste is juicy and fruity with chalky bitterness. A massive and complex session IPA. Absolutely gorgeous and refreshing.

Magic Rock Brewing Cryo Baby

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Magic Rock Brewing – Half Cut Double IPA – 8.0%

A DIPA collaboration between Magic Rock Brewing in Huddersfield and Other Half Brewing, based in Brooklyn. Half Cut Double IPA is 8.0% ABV. Featuring Citra, mosaic, Simcoe and Amarillo Hops.  With a malt bill of Golden promise, golden naked oats and malted oats. Decanning is an extra special event with this one, flooding the room with rich aromatics of melon, orange and stone fruit. The appearance is golden, cloudy and a little hazed. The taste is sweet and fruity with a spiced kick a chalky yeasty bitter presence in the aftertaste. The body is thick, full and a small white head is generated. A sweet light malty presence backs up the superb aroma and fruity taste. What more can I say, an excellent beer!

Magic Rock Brewing Half Cut DIPA

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Magic Rock Brewing – Fantasma Gluten Free IPA – 6.5%

From Magic Rock Brewing comes Fantasma Gluten Free IPA at 6.5%. Probably as close as I will ever get to a gluten free beer. A positive point is that it’s from Magic Rock Brewing. Decanning gives wonderful aromas of fruity mango tropical goodness. The pour is golden amber and cloudy simultaneously. A small bubbly white head is generated without dissipating. The ale is hopped heavily with Magnum and Citra, although the bittering influence is relatively minor and allows the wonderful hops to shine through. The yeasty aftertaste is also quite enjoyable (a little bit fruity and chalky). Overall, Full bodied with hop happy fruity sweet goodness. A kind of refreshing boiled sweets brew, but absolutely amazing and I Loved it. WLP001 Seems to be the yeast to use! One of my favourite brews to date, whilst also gluten free.

Magic Rock Brewing Fantasma Gluten Free IPA

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Magic Rock Brewing – Psychokinesis IPA – 6.5%

From the guys at Magic Rock Brewing comes Psychokinesis IPA at 6.5%. De-canning gives subtle aromas of bitter blood orange, mango, papaya and a hint of coconut. Superb! The appearance is light amber and slightly hazed, i’m guessing just a simple malt bill was used. The beer itself is full bodied, decently carbonated, yet ultra smooth and light with a nice thick mouthfeel and texture. The taste is fruity, peachy with a tone of malt backbone to complement the tropical fruitiness. This finishes with a note of spice, one which i would associate with the wonderful Mosaic hop breed. The beer is hardly bitter, perhaps taking some influence from the yeast which i found slightly chalky, but superb. Nice to see some experimental hops thrown in! this one being HBC438. This series of beers is absolutely great.

Magic Rock Brewing Psychokinesis IPA