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Cloudwater & Northern Monk – Hop City IPA – 6.2%

Hop City IPA at 6.2% is an exciting collaboration between Cloudwater Brew Co, Northern Monk Brew Co & YCH Hops. This IPA was pretty hard to get hold of, and now I know why! The label is quite iconic and oozes Northern Monk canning techniques….(removable label). Now for the beer. De-canning gives an aroma of ultra fresh citrus hop with a hint of sour yeasty influence. The pour is ultra haze, deep and golden with a lovely carbonation profile that supports a great thick white head generation, surprisingly good for a canned ale. The taste is fruity, with a hint of sweetness and low bitterness in the aftertaste. Somehow this beer remains amazingly refreshing and light despite the relatively high ABV . Mouthfeel is both full bodied and oddly light and fresh at the same time. The light malt presence lets the hop shine in this wonderful hoppy marvel of an IPA. More like an over hopped APA, but completely gorgeous all the same. WOW.

Cloudwater Northern Monk Hop City IPA

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The Plant Room & Northern Monk – Midsummer Peach & Apricot IPA – 6.0%

From The Plant Room & Northern Monk Brew Co comes their Midsummer Peach & Apricot IPA at 6.0%. A seasonal series from Northern Monk. De-capping gives a subdued fragrance of peach and citrus aroma hops in a pleasant and understated floral mishmash. The pour is lively and nicely carbonated for the style. The pour is a hazy orange with particles of fruit or yeast suspended in the beer, giving a nice snow globe effect. Head generation was initially very good with semi decent retention, for a fruit heavy beer this is quite impressive, leaving a thin skin of white froth throughout the duration. The taste works brilliantly in conjunction with the peachy apricot aroma which develops into a more sweet beer as the glass warms. The underlying bitterness is very IPA-ish and doesn’t pull any punches. The beer has a very good mouthfeel and thick texture. For a fruit IPA I quite liked this one as it wasn’t overbearing or just a fruit punch in the face. I could still pick up the malt and citrus through the fruit, and to actually get the fruit flavours coming through and not having fermented out completely, is quite an achievement.

Northern Monk Midsummer Peach & Apricot IPA

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Northern Monk – New World India Pale Ale – 6.2%

From The Northern Monk Brewing Co comes their New World IPA at 6.2%. De-canning gives an amazing fresh citrus hoppy aromatic, a combined profile of U.S hops, Australia and Britain. The pale malt adds a mild sweetness which is balanced by the hop bitterness. The nose of tropical fruits and grapefruit is certainly gratuitous, thanks to lots of dry hop additions. My favourite go to IPA! wonderful, full bodied and supplied by Maison Du Biere.

Northern Monk India Pale Ale

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Northern Monk Brew Co. – 822 Double IPA – 8.7%

From the Northern Monk Brew Co. comes their 822 Double IPA. De canning gives an intense blast of a malty tag team citrus aroma. This allows an almost liquorice aroma suggestion and first taste. The pour is golden orange with virtually no head generation. Aroma is hoppy, heady and fruity throughout. The taste gives a resinous and full bodied fruity mouthfeel with malty goodness oozing through with elements of citrus and spice. Absolutely gorgeous!

Northern Monk 822 Double IPA

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Northern Monk – Eternal Session IPA – 4.1%

From the Northern Monk Brewery comes Eternal Session IPA at 4.1%Nice slightly sweet citrus aroma on de-canning. Wonderful texture and mouthfeel to the beer. A perfectly adequate sparkle for this style. Very refreshing and more some. Not much head retention and aftertaste is pith like bitter with oodles of grapefruit. An excellent session IPA. The finish is long and lingering in bitterness. Bought a whole load of these from www.maisondubiere.com for the holidays.

Northern Monk - Eternal IPA

Northern Monk – Eternal IPA