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The All Grain Home Brewer Kit

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The All Grain Home Brewer Kit

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If you are reading this post, it is likely that you have just about decided to make the bold step of moving from canned home beer brewing kits into the realm of all grain beer. First of all, Well done! The move will see you make substantially better quality beer for you and your friends to enjoy. You may also be aware that this is a slightly daunting endeavour, both in time, energy and equipment costs. If you have ever met an all grain home brewer, you will probably know that he or she spends a great amount of time moaning about cleaning brewing equipment, than actually brewing beer.

Stainless Steel Home Brew Equipment

Stainless Steel Home Brewing Equipment

Investing in good cleaning materials is also fairly important. So, what will you need to get your new hobby (or upgraded hobby) off the ground? First of all, think big. Look to produce a minimum of around 5 gallons (23L) of wort per batch as a minimum. The following list is a growing one based around my personal setup, and each home brewer will use a variety of different tools.

The List!

  1. A Thermostatically controlled water boiler 30+ L (for your mash water and sparge water)
  2. A Stainless Steel Mash Tun 40-70L (bigger the better)
  3. A 30 – 70L Stainless Steel Boiling pan (bigger the better)
  4. A Stainless Steel Mash Paddle.
  5. A Copper Mash paddle (for emergency boil overs)
  6. A Propane Gas Burner.
  7. A Propane Conversion American to English conversion device.
  8. A set of Aluminium (or Steel) Wind Shields.
  9. A Propane Gas Tank.
  10. A Copper heat exchange cooling coil.
  11. Plastic Garden Hose Pipe and adaptors.
  12. A Stainless Steel Fermentation Device (Adapted oil dispenser).
  13. A plastic bucket for ingredients.
  14. A plastic bucket for washing up.
  15. A plastic weighing bucket.
  16. A set of digital scales.
  17. A digital probe thermometer or infrared thermometer gun.
  18. A Digital PH Meter.
  19. A Steel Jug and Sieve.
  20. A Hop Spider or similar x 2 (for hops).
  21. Steel Tea straining balls x 3 (for micro hops)
  22. A Hydrometer & Measuring Cylinder.
  23. Lots of 330ml & 500ml dark glass bottles


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