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Theakston – Distillers Cask Range – 6.5%

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Theakston – Distillers Cask Range – 6.5%

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From the Theakston Brewery  in Masham, North Yorkshire comes the Distillers Cask Range at 6.5%. ‘Warmly acquainted with the flavours of Speyside malt whisky’ flavours of speyside malt whisky. I was sceptical buying this beer as it was fairly cheap and sold in a clear glass bottle. De-capping gives tons of aromatic fruit and vanilla with a distinct whisky aroma. Excellent creamy mouthfeel and tonnes of body. Excellent head generation and retention. Indulgent and different, full of character and presence. No identifiable hop presence at all, the bitterness appears from the creamy malty base to the beer. The beer gets a bit sickly towards the end and tastes a bit fake, but I quite enjoyed this ‘different’ ale. (I’m guessing this is a direct beer/whisky hybrid beer without the barrel maturation period.)

Distillers Cask Range

Theakstons Distillers Cask Range

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