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To Øl – Sur Cedar IPA – 6.0%

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To Øl – Sur Cedar IPA – 6.0%

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From To Øl comes Sur Cedar IPA at 6.0%. A sour mashed India Pale Ale with Citra hops. Matured with cedar chips. An excellent citra citrus aroma on de-canning. The pour is well carbonated, leaving a golden cloudy ale with a thick, foamy white cream head. I knew what to expect when I bought this ale, however, in reality the drinking experience is slightly strange and unexpected! The aroma sets you up for a big C-hop hit, expectations of the sweet malt appearing through to finish it off, however after a great mouthfeel, the sourness punches through your senses and assaults your tongue, followed by a sharp bitter aftertaste that slowly pulses on each side of your tongue. A hint of saltiness also plays through. A second whiff of the beer gives a wine like acidic aroma hint of ‘sour beer’ with the big C-hop aroma almost completely masqued. The following sips allow an element of malt sweetness to peer through, kept in check by an equal sour bitterness that balances the beer throughout. A thorough taste experience, pretty much unlike anything i’ve tasted before, however the cedar wood chip influence is completely lost on me. Very enjoyable and very well done To Øl!

To Øl Sur Cedar IPA


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