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Twickenham Fine Ales – Red Rye IPA

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Twickenham Fine Ales – Red Rye IPA

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From The Great British Brewing Co  on behalf of Aldi comes an ale from Twickenham Fine Ales . This is an odd Red Rye IPA at 4.7%. Decapping gives a mild hint of citrus flowers and odd ‘off’ malt fragrance. The pour is generally fairly flat and leaves a thin white skin head. The taste is flat and dull, the polar opposite to smooth, with a slight spice and a very odd intense bittering. The bittering is almost chemical tasting, and really not good. The body is thin and unpleasantly watery in the aftertaste. I was initially quite looking forward to this, but it turned out to be a right bomber of an ale. If a fast food place made an IPA, it would probably taste like this. Avoid.

Twickenham fine ales red rye ipa

Twickenham Fine Ales - Red Rye IPA
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