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Victory Brewing Co – Vital IPA – 6.5%

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Victory Brewing Co – Vital IPA – 6.5%

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From the Victory Brewing Company comes Vital IPA at 6.5%. Oddly, for an American brew, there is virtually no aroma (other than a slight whiff of German hallertau hops). The taste resembles Pilsner and colour is Pilsner like, yet the beer has a tight compact carbonation, almost soft on the palate. The beer body is thick and smooth with an almost sherbet aftertaste. Incredibly smooth finished with a hint of sweet dryness. An excellent example of a malt forward ale, lacking on the aroma, but amazingly tasty in the aftertaste and mouthfeel. ABV is hidden completely. Top beer!

Victory Vital IPA

Victory - Vital IPA
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