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Vocation Brewery – Smash & Grab – DIPA – 8.5%

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Vocation Brewery – Smash & Grab – DIPA – 8.5%

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From the Vocation Brewery comes Smash & GrabDIPA at 8.5%. De-capping is hardly aromatic with a slight odd sulphur presence. The pour is deep amber with next to no head retention. As the pour settles, the beer comes literally comes alive and works seamlessly in synchronicity with the malt. Hop aromas unlock, develop and grow before your nose. From the taste of it, i’d say the crystal malt profile activates the beer. the sweetness of the malt with the resinous hop presence works in unison with the deep resinous pine and citrus flavour. This stuff is amazing. Malt & hops, hops & malts. perfect. Carbonation is compact and mild but works seamlessly with the brew. Overall Superb. Sourced from the Maisondubiere beer shop in Barnsley.

vocation smash and grab double ipa

Vocation Brewery -Smash and Grab Double IPA

Vocation Brewery -Smash and Grab Double IPA
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