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Westvleteren – Extra 8 Trappist Beer

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Westvleteren – Extra 8 Trappist Beer

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From the Trappist monks at Westvleteren Abdij St. Sixtus comes Westvleteren – Extra 8: a beer of myth and wonder. Decapping gives a full smoky sour aroma, reinforced by vinous qualities. The pour is solid and generates a nice frothy white head that lingers throughout the life of the beer. The colour is deep brown with a heavy particle presence. The aroma is again reinforced with figs and molasses as the glass warms. The taste is thick and berry like with hints of clove, mild aniseed and spice. The abv is almost completely hidden, then appears through the mouthfeel and aftertaste. A defined smooth bitterness carries through into the aftertaste scrubbing out the sweetness and leaving a smooth afterglow of alcohol on the back of the throat. It doesn’t get better than this!

Westvleteren Extra 8

Westvleteren - Extra 8
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