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Wild Beer Co – Madness IPA – 6.8%

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Wild Beer Co – Madness IPA – 6.8%

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From The Wild Beer Co comes Madness IPA at 6.8%. De-capping gives a massive resinous sweet citrus hop kick! Wonderful. Boiled sweets aroma type aroma. Definitely the flavor of choice today. bags of aroma hops went into this ale. The malt bill is none too dominant and lets the aroma and citrus flavour shine through. Bitterness is not intense at all, and sits in the background observing. Carbonation is compact and punchy, body is full and the colour is hazy golden with a hint of sour at the end. A really good American style IPA on british soil. Sourced from Maison Du Biere.

Wild Beer Co Madness IPA

Wild Beer Co - Madness IPA
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